Is it possible to sign up only for the Survey platform?

Yes. TOTONOE focuses on implementing comprehensive organizational problem-solving from the three areas of physical, mental, and workplace issues, however, we are also happy to provide partial services tailored to the unique situation of each organization.
The survey can be launched and conducted in as little as two business days. In addition, the result data is automatically aggregated, so you can get the results as soon as the answers are completed.

What is the difference between the TOTONOE WELL-BEING SURVEY and other stress surveys?

In addition to the stress check questions, the survey includes ones to measure management quality and motivation status, making it easier to identify what is affecting stress.
Also, the survey is designed to be analyzed from the four perspectives of goal setting, work execution, reflection, and results, which all are the usual practices of professional employees, so that you can easily and smoothly identify what and how to improve not only stress but also work quality.

Can you give more details about what the diagnosis results of the TOTONOE WELL-BEING SURVEY will look like?

We are more than happy to provide a free demonstration of the actual screen transition of the diagnosis and how the results can be viewed with everything in English. In addition, unlike general engagement surveys and stress checks, the TOTONOE WELL-BEING SURVEY provides analysis results that can be easily linked to business improvement.

Can you provide analytical support based on the survey results?

Unlike other legacy HR consulting firms, TOTONOE WELL-BEING SURVEY is designed in such a way that clients can perform various analyses by themselves, such as combination analysis of attributes, sorting of negative and positive response rates in ascending or descending order, analysis by business process, sampling of only relevant stress check questions, correlation analysis, etc., without additional charges for special analysis support.
In addition, we provide support for using these basic functions. Please understand that the basic design of Survey (free of charge) has a wide range of functions compared to similar services in the world.

If you would like a detailed data analysis report (e.g. organizational stress data report, etc.) for further hypothesis testing based on your company’s requirements, we can provide it as an optional service after consultation.

What are the features and benefits of the Garmin Watch compared to other smartwatches and activity tracker devices?

TOTONOE believes that the most important factors in using an activity tracker are the accuracy of the data and the ease of use. Garmin’s activity trackers are excellent at eliminating noise data, which is a problem in biometric data acquisition, and the vivosmart4 is so light that it feels like you are not wearing it at all, weighing only 15g. You will also find it particularly useful for measuring stress during sleep and sleep quality.

We would like to start by purchasing a small number of Garmin Watches on a trial basis. Can you handle this on the basis of a corporate contract?

Yes. You can purchase a small amount of the product at the TOTONOE Web Store, or you can order the product in the quantity you require.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss how to proceed according to your required quantity and delivery locations.

Can you tell us how the data measured by the Garmin Watch can be used in a meaningful way, before the service is introduced?

Yes, it is possible, and we will discuss how you can use the Garmin Connect app that comes with your Garmin Watch, and how your organization can use the data. We will also discuss how the data can be used as an organization.

We would like to not only measure the current situation, but also involve the managers in making improvements and solving problems.

Yes, that should be the way to go to generate actual results. Based on the results obtained from the Garmin Watch, which visualizes your physical and mental condition with objective data, and the Tomonoe Survey, which visualizes the state of your place, mind, and body, our consultants and facilitators, who are rich in practical knowledge combined with theory and experience, can assist you in designing and implementing organizational reform processes, workshops, and sessions that suit your company. We can help you not only to improve your business, but also to realize your company’s true health management and wellbeing. Please feel free to contact us. Please see below for a sample of possible practical support training programs.

  • Post Survey Workshop
  • Management Quality Improvement Program
  • Team Building Program
  • Practical Problem Solving Support Program
  • Career Development Program
  • Organizational Development Consulting
  • Human Resource Development Consulting
  • Online Courses
Can we still work with the local HR consulting firm integrated with TOTONOE WELL-BEING SURVEY results and data?

Yes. We know that you sometimes feel comfortable and are able to work more smoothly with your deeply-engaged partners. With that, our global service provision focuses on partnering with your local HR consulting firms or corporate training service providers. Please let us know how you’d like to involve your local partner and TOTONOE for further discussions to collaborate.

What is the Management Quality Improvement Program?

Improving the quality of management cannot be achieved by simply providing classroom training on the knowledge required for management, because it does not eliminate the Knowing/Doing GAP (the big gap between what you know and what you can do). At Thoughtfulness, we provide the necessary knowledge and skills at the right time and provide practical training shortly before the work is done, in accordance with the management work process. The results of the practical training are always reviewed in detail in the next session, with examples of successes and failures, and shared among the participants to ensure the retention of knowledge and skills in each individual and the accumulation of organizational know-how. The same approach is taken for the problem-solving program.

What implications do you see for the concept of organizational development at TOTONOE?

In simple terms, it is the activity that makes an organization function.

What is an organization? We define it as;
– Having a common purpose and goal
– The members of the organization must have a common purpose and goal, have the will to contribute and work together toward that purpose and goal, and
– The members of the organization must be able to communicate with each other.
Therefore, it is an activity to measure the gap and correct the course based on this state.