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Koji Oe

Koji OeRepresentative Director / Consultant

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Waseda University and an Executive MBA from Aoyama Gakuin University. He holds an Executive MBA from Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School and a Master of International Management.
After working at Nissan Motor Co. in the overseas division, sales division, secretarial office, and human resources department, he became independent in 2007.
When Nissan was in the midst of a management crisis, he was in charge of the secretarial office, which accepted Carlos Ghosn and other Renault executives and designed compensation based on stock options using warrant bonds, which was unprecedented at the time. During Nissan's revival period, he was promoted to a managerial position in the Human Resources Department at the age of 33 and participated in CFT, which focused on building succession management and diversity/empathy. He was a member of the CFT when it was launched, and became a sub-pilot when empathy became the theme, challenging the management team. He also challenged management to reconstruct the Nissan Management Way, which had taken shape at the time but had not fully penetrated the workplace, and designed and implemented an organizational transformation process to evolve it into the Nissan Way. Later, he also participated in the creation of a mechanism for improving management quality based on the Nissan Way. In the Post Survey Workshop (PSW), one of the processes of the system, he designed the PSW with the help of his colleague, an American instructional designer, and developed it globally.

Based on these experiences, he established Joy & Value, Inc. in 2007. With the motto of delivering results and joy to the workplace rather than knowledge-based training, he provides clients in various industries with practical problem-solving programs, management practice programs, and other programs that address real issues and achieve both performance improvement and human resource development. He also provided practical consulting services to a foreign organizational consulting firm on how to read and interpret organizational survey data, how to translate survey results into business operations, and how to proceed with post-survey workshops.

Later, in his late 40's, he was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, which triggered him to start yoga and physical training, and he recognized the importance of conditioning in addition to practical knowledge and practical skills. He also realized the importance of conditioning as a prerequisite for achieving results, in addition to practical knowledge and practical skills. Ltd. with the mission of "improving the quality of life and business performance of workers" and the vision of "realizing a society that achieves both". He is now making efforts to support the promotion of wellbeing management, which is one step ahead of health management.

Taku Ishikawa

Taku IshikawaCTO

Dr. Ryo Yanagida

Dr. Ryo YanagidaAdvisor

Hongo Preventive Medical Center Co.
Representative Director, Occupational Physician/
Doctor of Medicine

Munehiro Inui

Munehiro InuiConsultant

Seiji Ueno

Seiji UenoConsultant

Daisuke Akiyama

Daisuke AkiyamaConsultant